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Amazing and creative new experiences, living virtual worlds and deeply-engaged communities built on strong and meaningful relationships with our players – these are the building blocks of our long-term strategy for Dark Curry.


It’s never just games

Wreak havoc through the undead plague and feel like a real bad ass in this unique physics-based medieval combat VR title. Ruthlessly cut, stab, smash, shoot or blow up your foes with a large variety of melee and ranged weapons as you explore the cursed citadel.

Become a legend by immersing yourself into this football simulator specially designed for Virtual Reality. It offers the ultimate experience playing as a goalkeeper or striker with diferent modes like simulation or arcade.

Enjoy the tense moments of the penalty shots as if you were playing in a Football final, competing against the best teams, making the most spectacular goals and saves and along with graphics that will make you feel as if you were actually in the match.

a few statistics about Dark Curry


'Final Kick' accumulates more than 20.000.000 downloads worldwide.


More than 100.000 players from arround the globe log-in to our games every day.


Every day more than 3.000.000 shots are executed by players in 'Final Kick'.

About Us

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Who we are

Dark Curry was founded in 2014 by a team of passionate designers, engineers and artists who all share the same passion on making action-packed, visually stunning games that can be played and enjoyed by everyone. Dark Curry isn’t just a place where we create great games. It’s where we all work side by side to push the boundaries in gaming.


Gaming is our passion

Dark Curry Studios, located in Barcelona, brings together a group of seasoned developers with one goal: to create fun, online global experiences for the connected world.


Work with us

Dark Curry is one of the hottest startups based in Barcelona. We’re looking for real talent in every field, from marketing to design to coding. Join a young and dynamic environment, be part of of an awesome team.


Questions? Don’t hesitate to ask

Your questions and comments are important to us. Whether you’re looking for answers, would like to solve a problem, or just want to let us know how we did, don’t hesitate to contact us right here, or reach us by email.

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